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30+ Sounds & Lullabies

Choose from over 30 soothing sounds and relaxing lullabies to help your baby get the best sleep! (White Noise, Shh.., Hair Dryer, Car Ride, Rippling Raindrops, Puppy Dreams + many more)

5 Calming Categories

Sounds are uniquely categorized to soothe baby at different developmental stages. Infants, Newborn, Toddlers, Lullabies + Parents (Zzz.. You're welcome)

Custom Fade Out

The Fade Out feature helps your baby gently drift off to sleep. Your sound will fade out over a gradual, custom period of time without waking baby up.

Delayed Start Time

This smart feature helps your baby (& you) peacefully sleep in longer. It also helps siblings stay asleep when baby wakes. Customize to suit your family's needs.

Modern, Simplistic Design

Designed for the modern parent to be used anywhere, at any time, including at home or on the go. The sleek, simplistic design ensures that there is no fumbling in the night.

AirPlay/Bluetooth Compatible

The AirPlay feature allows you to play your baby’s favorite sounds via AirPlay & Bluetooth devices including, speakers, the car, Apple TV etc.

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“As a parent, you will try anything to get your child to sleep. Singing, shushing, bouncingclimbing into the cot, lying next to your toddler and chanting "ohmmm" repeatedly for 90 minutes...Sleeptot is your sleep saviour. The app provides you with multiple options for different kinds of noises — all designed to help soothe your baby to sleep.

Go for the obvious white noise, or choose from environmental noises such as the sound of a campfire, a fan, rain or even lullabies. 15 minutes of gentle heartbeat sounds will get little Trevor to sleep, no problem.

Sleeptot helpfully categorises different noises according to the age of your child. For newborns there is a hairdryer or car ride, for example. For toddlers you can choose tweeting birds or wave sounds. There's even a section for parents — because children are not the only ones who find background noise helps them sleep.

Unlike your once trusty Sound Sheep, the Sleeptot sounds can be played for any duration up to 24 hours — and at any volume. Programme them to start at a certain time and fade out after a set number of minutes.”

So, no more rude awakenings in the
middle of the night — hopefully.

Get the BEST sleep for your baby and family! Download Sleeptot today for free!

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