Sleeptot - Frequently Asked Questions

How loud should I play Sleeptot?

Babies are used to very loud sounds. In the womb, your baby is exposed to sounds of around 90 decibels constantly. Think loud city traffic! Sleeptot is designed to soothe your baby by replicating the loud rhythmic tones they are used to. This engages baby's natural calming reflex.

As always please use common sense. We suggest starting Sleeptot at a volume level loud enough to catch your baby’s attention and engage their calming reflex. Once baby has calmed / fallen asleep you may reduce the volume to match your baby’s calmed state. We suggest leaving Sleeptot on at this lower volume through the night to help your baby stay relaxed and asleep.

How far away should I place Sleeptot?

If your baby is crying, you will want to make sure that your device is close enough and loud enough so that they can hear the sound above their own cry. This will ensure that they can hear the rhythmic tones required to engage their natural calming reflex. Please use common sense. Once your baby has settled we suggest placing your device at around 3 feet (1 meter) from the crib.

Should I turn Airplane mode on?

We recommend turning airplane mode on as a safety precaution and to avoid interruptions such as incoming calls & notifications.

What is the custom fade out feature?

The Fade Out feature helps baby gently drift off and stay sleep. Customize to suit your baby’s needs. Your sound will fade out from full volume to 0 over a gradual, custom period of time without waking your baby up. E.G Let's say that you set the play duration to 2 hours and the fade out to 15 minutes. Sleeptot will play for 1.45 hours and then will gently fade out over 15 minutes so that your sound doesn’t end abruptly and wake up your baby.

What is the Delayed Start Time feature?

This handy feature helps baby (& you) peacefully sleep in longer. It also helps siblings stay asleep when baby wakes. Set a custom start time and your soothing sound will automatically play at the desired time.

Why do incoming calls interrupt Sleeptot?

Incoming calls, messages and notifications take the highest priority on your device. Therefore, they will stop your sound from playing temporarily. To avoid interruptions simply turn 'Airplane' mode on when using the app.